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Top Free Internet Filtering Software:       We now feature 10 free internet content filtering software products get your free protection today!


The links for the free internet filtering and content monitoring software products listed and described below will take you to the detailed information and download page for that particular free internet filtering and content monitoring software item.

AOL Parental Controls  AOL is now offering their Parental Control Service free of charge to anyone willing to set up a email account. The setup process takes a few minutes but this is one of the best internet content filters and has many features.

SaferSpace  This is a very simple free program that will keep your children from accessing the popular MySpace website where online predators have been found to be lurking in the shadows.

K9 Web Protection  This is an internet filtering and control solution for the home. K9 puts YOU in control of the internet so you can protect your kids.

we-blocker This is another popular content filtering product that can protect you and your family from sexually charged sites and offensive web based material. (Use with Windows XP requires an extra step in setup.)

Parental Filter   This product specializes in blocking porno websites nothing more, nothing less.

Safety.Net  This product from NetVeda offers internet security, content security, advanced firewall protection, and trust controls to block unwanted or harmful applications. You can define granular user or computer specific access controls based on site, content, PICS ratings and time of day. Safety.Net allows you to monitor activity round-the-clock and view detailed reports to analyze usage.

Naomi  This is one of the most advanced internet content filters, easy to use and totally free, intended for families, and kids in particular. Naomi is able to constantly monitor all internet connections, protecting children from inappropriate online material - such as obscene or violent contents.

Parental Control Bar   This is a simple, powerful tool to help shield your children from explicit websites. Simply activate Child-Mode while your children surf the internet, and the toolbar will block access to adult-oriented websites.

Kidz Protection   This is software designed specifically for parents to control and manage software used to communicate on the Internet. With just a few clicks, it will let you decide if you authorize your child or teenager to access Internet programs such as: browsers, e-mail software, chat software, file exchange, etc. A timer within the Kidz Protection program allows access to other software programs for a limited time if you wish.

hoopaa   hoopaa informs parents of their children’s Internet activities and provides parents with "Parental Control"- all with a view to providing a safer and more secure environment. Although hoopaa is free to use after registration, you will receive daily emails that contain unobtrusive ads. This product requires Windows XP, Internet Explorer and a high speed internet connection to function properly.

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Additional free internet content filters and content monitoring products will be added soon!!


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